• Original Simulation

    Original Simulations explores the significance of original and copy via the mechanism of quantum teleportation. What does it take for an artwork to be considered an original? What does it imply? This is a complex topic that has been made even more so by digitisation. Mathematical simulations of quantum teleportation principles were used to ‘teleport’ artworks onto their respective forgeries. The outcomes are appropriately exhibited in a virtual gallery, where one can explore and reflect on the implications of quantum technology together with the initial questions we pose on the meaning of originality in art.
  • A Measurement (problem) of reality

    A measurement does not just inform us about reality, it forms reality. Most recently the world went through some unpredictable elections, which, even though they were ever so tight, formed the reality we live in now. We keep asking ourselves, "is this even real?” and “what if?”. What if we take this unsettling feeling for the reality we live in now, and look at it through the lens of quantum physics and vice versa to become aware of the reality of the measurement problem. In quantum physics, the measurement changes the measured. On a quantum level, something can physically be in multiple classically exclusive states at the same time (wave and particle, moving vertically and horizontally, spinning left and right,...). A measurement collapses this superposition and by doing so, in a certain sense, creates reality. According to the Many Worlds Interpretation, this means that every possibility of this superposition becomes a reality in a different universe, but we only ever have access to one. With this, let's return to “what if” and our unsettling feeling for reality.
  • Absolute Relative

    Find a video of the installation at Sonar in Barcelona here.

    We reach into this black box which makes sense of our perception of the world, our brain.


    Our perception is never absolute, but relative. By becoming aware of this fact we can understand and if necessary overcome our intuition and instincts. Making use of deception the sculpture enables the sensation of the thermal grill illusion to create this awareness


    When areas which when touched separately only feel slightly warm or slightly cold are perceived next to each other at the same time, the resulting temperature perception is much more extreme. It can even expand to a burning sensation while actually not being any near to that temperature range in reality.

    prez (1)-07   A collaboration with Ker Xian, Ava Watson and Luka Kille.  
  • The Known Unknown

    The "Known Unknown" is a collaboration with Annelise Keestra and Yinan Song for the Full Dome at Greenwich Observatory in London. Find the full video here: seitenbilder
  • Red or Blue

    The red pill is advertised as the way out of the Matrix, but in the end is revealed, that the red pill itself was programmed into the Matrix by the architect and the oracle to stabilise the system, by giving everybody what they wanted deep inside...the appropriate illusion. For the Installation the viewer sits on an armchair with a choosing device. Questions are projected over a jug with empty pills in front of him and read out loud by a computer voice. Those questions are inspired by those in the VARLS successor survey in use today. Based on the answers they give on those questions ether a blue or a red movie version is played over the pills afterwards. The red compiled out of red commercial advertisement and pictures showing republicans and labours. The blue compiled out of blue commercial advertisement and pictures showing democrats and torys. Afterwards the viewer can interact with different objects with switches to paint the pills red or blue and take the pill he or she chooses.

    Find the videos for the red and the blue pill, as well as a short documentation video for the installation below:




    In Adam Curtis “century of the self ” is described how Feud’s theory on the underlying setup of the human being is first used by his nephew Bernard to create “public relations”, basically advertisement and how than again the progression of that leads to capitalistic and political leaders relying more ad more on those theory and the techniques based on them to play, or control society. Studies and surveys like those by the SIRL Institute, the VARL Study mentioned in the movie are used to divide people into types, which then can be perfectly addressed by commercial and political advertisement. And people even like to fill out those forms. Interestingly especially those called the “inner oriented” those people who think they are independent from society are very easy to filter out and address that way. Like in the Matrix we are give the illusion of free choice and individualism.

  • Thinking Through

    Gravitation or electromagnetism are fundamental forces of the universe. To be able to navigate the world we develop measurement instruments. The form and accuracy of these instruments have changed throughout history and with them our lens to the world. Sometimes the resulting models are distorted.  It is often impossible to take into account everything simultaneously and still be able to make statements.
    This installation explores how to think differently with and through experiments and metaphors from science and philosophy.  Confronted with different behaviours, we become aware of our unconscious assumptions. 
    By encountering experiments together with philosophic metaphors in new contexts, our relationships to these experiments change and enable alternative thoughts, awarenesses, fascinations and intuitions.
    You are invited to play and experiment with this installation.
  • Perceptionex

    Perceptionex is a complex of multiple parts asking: What’s Thinking? What´s your perception and what’s even real?
    An EEG-Headset measures the electricity level in the visitors brain, sends it to a Lp Player Drawing Machine, that draws them on LP-shaped photographic paper.
  • SchauDenken

    EEG-headsets with moving cubes on the top, wich represent the mesurement with their movements, were handed out to visitors to make them and their thinking part of the exhibition. Little cards with a short explanation on how to read the headsets where provided as part of the exhibition as well. The visitors were encouraged to deal with the exhibition situartion itself, decide to if they dare to touch the exhibited objects to take a card or even be part of the exhibition in person, by showing the symbol of their thoughts through the headset. Also they automatically had to rethink thinking and conscious think about it. A recursive though circle started.
  • Minkowski

    The Minkowski-graph
    The Minkowski-graph, named after its inventor, is an apparently simple Graph with a space and a time times speed of Light axis, between which the speed of light itself cuts in 45°, Dividing the world in Four triangles: the 'future', the 'past' and two times the 'elsewhere' The future is everything which could ever be known by someone from this now-point. The past is every thing we could  ever have come to know up to this now-point. The elsewhere or „anderswo“ is a very poetic and somehow mystic name and place. Because nothing travels faster then light, as far as we know today, we will never be able to experience the „elsewhere“. Drawing the Minkowski graph with light and shadow seemed naatural to me, as the topic and form are a perfect fit and very easy to stage with an simpel installation of two Lights and two light-shields. Two half shadows cutting each other on one end, while not shadowing the other end at all, create a wonderfull minkowski graph.   portfolio3
  • Minkowskiroom

    It is a walkable version of the „Mikowski-Shadow Painting“, where the visitors can, as in the movie, walk through the shadow graph on the floor to travel through time, space and beyond their boundaries. The room should be open from two sides to enable the visitors to walk all the way from past to future or the other way around.
  • Minkowski Movie

    In this Two mi- nutes Movie I am walking back and forth trough the Minkowski Sha-dow Painting. Time travelling between Light and shadow. View short version here.
  • Dualism

    A 120 x 70 cm  oil on cardboard painting, dealing with the impossibility of portraying oneself without differing the image by trying to grasp something. Like quantum sized particles are differt by the observer as Heißenberg pointed out. The personality or mind is also not to be observed without altering the result somehow.
  • Brood

    This anatomical drawing machine draws random nonsense until its light-sensor makes it recognise, that someone is watching it.
  • Ether-Information-Theory

    I developed a fictional-theory, about how information bends the Ether and the Ether bends  space. I made a lecture about it, invented detectors for the information-Ether bending, created pictures and animations as well as a power-point presentation and Equations about the phenomena. It was presented as a performance lecture.  Here the german script and the präsentation of the lecture: ÄTHER ÄtherPräs
  • Abstract Program

    When I found an old broken TV I first wanted to use it as a drawing-ground as well as in “Classics”. But when I recognised, that it was still generating a Picture, I decided to work with the sheer beauty of this random abstract image.
  • Who’s afraid of ultraviolet? & A study in infrared

      Blind peoples perception differs from other peop-les substantial, because they can`t percept light. But there are types of light no human can see like monochrome Infrared and Ultraviolet. I wanted to use this phenomenon for a work about perception, light and monochrome art.
      At the beginn I developed the titles: „Wer hat Angst vor ultraviolett?“ or „Who`s afraid of Ultraviolet“ in allusion to Barnett Newman would be monochrome White. Beneath the white surface I experimented with a Structure reminding of skin cancer triggered by UV-Rays „Eine Studie in Infrarot“ or „A Study in Infrared“ in allusion to Arthur Conan Doyle would be monochrome black. Beyond the black Surface I hid some signs From Conan Doyle „Study in scarlet“  
    Based on this I decided to develope the project further on. I experimented with light near the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. I Made Mindmap-Like installations of the topic complex of Light and waves to Brainwaves and perceptions.
      Resulting in the idea for the next step of the Project: Casting monochrome black and white canvas shaped plastic slides: Radiating the black ones with Infrared light untill they shape-shift. radiating the white ones with ultraviolet light untill they change their colour.
  • Classics

    “Leda mit dem Schwan“ after Rubens, who may have copied it from Michael Angelo. With oil on an old Desktop.

  • projected picture

    Colour is light.