• A Measurement (problem) of reality

    A measurement does not just inform us about reality, it forms reality. Most recently the world went through some unpredictable elections, which, even though they were ever so tight, formed the reality we live in now. We keep asking ourselves, "is this even real?” and “what if?”. What if we take this unsettling feeling for the reality we live in now, and look at it through the lens of quantum physics and vice versa to become aware of the reality of the measurement problem. In quantum physics, the measurement changes the measured. On a quantum level, something can physically be in multiple classically exclusive states at the same time (wave and particle, moving vertically and horizontally, spinning left and right,...). A measurement collapses this superposition and by doing so, in a certain sense, creates reality. According to the Many Worlds Interpretation, this means that every possibility of this superposition becomes a reality in a different universe, but we only ever have access to one. With this, let's return to “what if” and our unsettling feeling for reality.