• Minkowski

    The Minkowski-graph
    The Minkowski-graph, named after its inventor, is an apparently simple Graph with a space and a time times speed of Light axis, between which the speed of light itself cuts in 45°, Dividing the world in Four triangles: the 'future', the 'past' and two times the 'elsewhere' The future is everything which could ever be known by someone from this now-point. The past is every thing we could  ever have come to know up to this now-point. The elsewhere or „anderswo“ is a very poetic and somehow mystic name and place. Because nothing travels faster then light, as far as we know today, we will never be able to experience the „elsewhere“. Drawing the Minkowski graph with light and shadow seemed naatural to me, as the topic and form are a perfect fit and very easy to stage with an simpel installation of two Lights and two light-shields. Two half shadows cutting each other on one end, while not shadowing the other end at all, create a wonderfull minkowski graph.   portfolio3