• Red or Blue

    The red pill is advertised as the way out of the Matrix, but in the end is revealed, that the red pill itself was programmed into the Matrix by the architect and the oracle to stabilise the system, by giving everybody what they wanted deep inside...the appropriate illusion. For the Installation the viewer sits on an armchair with a choosing device. Questions are projected over a jug with empty pills in front of him and read out loud by a computer voice. Those questions are inspired by those in the VARLS successor survey in use today. Based on the answers they give on those questions ether a blue or a red movie version is played over the pills afterwards. The red compiled out of red commercial advertisement and pictures showing republicans and labours. The blue compiled out of blue commercial advertisement and pictures showing democrats and torys. Afterwards the viewer can interact with different objects with switches to paint the pills red or blue and take the pill he or she chooses.

    Find the videos for the red and the blue pill, as well as a short documentation video for the installation below:




    In Adam Curtis “century of the self ” is described how Feud’s theory on the underlying setup of the human being is first used by his nephew Bernard to create “public relations”, basically advertisement and how than again the progression of that leads to capitalistic and political leaders relying more ad more on those theory and the techniques based on them to play, or control society. Studies and surveys like those by the SIRL Institute, the VARL Study mentioned in the movie are used to divide people into types, which then can be perfectly addressed by commercial and political advertisement. And people even like to fill out those forms. Interestingly especially those called the “inner oriented” those people who think they are independent from society are very easy to filter out and address that way. Like in the Matrix we are give the illusion of free choice and individualism.