• Who’s afraid of ultraviolet? & A study in infrared

      Blind peoples perception differs from other peop-les substantial, because they can`t percept light. But there are types of light no human can see like monochrome Infrared and Ultraviolet. I wanted to use this phenomenon for a work about perception, light and monochrome art.
      At the beginn I developed the titles: „Wer hat Angst vor ultraviolett?“ or „Who`s afraid of Ultraviolet“ in allusion to Barnett Newman would be monochrome White. Beneath the white surface I experimented with a Structure reminding of skin cancer triggered by UV-Rays „Eine Studie in Infrarot“ or „A Study in Infrared“ in allusion to Arthur Conan Doyle would be monochrome black. Beyond the black Surface I hid some signs From Conan Doyle „Study in scarlet“  
    Based on this I decided to develope the project further on. I experimented with light near the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. I Made Mindmap-Like installations of the topic complex of Light and waves to Brainwaves and perceptions.
      Resulting in the idea for the next step of the Project: Casting monochrome black and white canvas shaped plastic slides: Radiating the black ones with Infrared light untill they shape-shift. radiating the white ones with ultraviolet light untill they change their colour.