universal statement

Overall statement for the work


My work feasts the beauty of and fascination on how the world works and at the same time criticizes taking anything for granted. I use scientific models, annexed and transformed methods or machines as well as modern technique to show the greatness of their possibilities and to trigger thoughts about their further consequences. Also, I use the story and emotion bearing powers of more classic artistic methods and aesthetics.


Everywhere and in total everything is connected, but we are only able to deal with fragments. Working with interdisciplinary methods, models, pictures and thoughts, I am building interactive installations, objects and other pieces of art that – together or on their own – try to grasp some parts of this overall construct of ideas to span something like a system or room for thoughts which otherwise are difficult to comprehend , to get a hold on or to even think of.


The work complex is connecting topics like perception, thinking, waves, light, reflection, self-reflection, awareness, particles, the Heißenberg Uncertainty Principle, science fiction and present technology and discoveries.

The element of connection itself is an important part of my motivation and work. Thus, inspirations and techniques from very different fields are used with all freedom the art provides. Models, machines and measurements are used just as colours or forms in the process of composition.


It lies in the nature of things that I never fully reach those high claims of mine and that therefore the process itself has to be a main character of my work. This is necessary and desired.
In the 18th century, a meaning of the German word “Witz” was connecting seemingly far distant topics and techniques to generate interesting and stunning awareness and findings. Today, the meaning of this word is “joke”, but maybe this is a hint, that for dealing with this kind of world perception and the attempt to communicate it humor and storytelling are also necessary. Those are also part of my work, in a restrained, ulterior way.